Saturday, July 26, 2014

"I think that Justin Bieber. I don't know why, but I do."

So we have a new investigator that is 11 years old. Judging by the subject line I'm sure that you can gather that we have somevery interesting discussions with her. She is the granddaughter of one of our other investigators though and we absolutely love her to death!! She is just the sweetest old lady! And she comes to everything! [Besides church....] She came to the Utah Valley Children's Choir a couple weeks ago and then to a baptism this past week. She loves it all! But now just needs to know that everything we have been teaching her is true. That's the trick huh? haha But when she went to the baptism tons of members came up to talk to her [YES!! This ward is awesome at fellowshipping!] And the way she talked about Sister Genster and I was so sweet! She would keep telling people how "there were other missionaries before, but there is just something really special about these two. They are so close to our hearts." Awww!!! I definitely teared up a little bit. President Vellinga truly is so inspired when he does transfers. It is amazing to learn why I am put in a certain area and with a certain companion. I love it.

So many miracles this week!! So President DeVore [oh, well brother DeVore now. He was one of President Vellinga's counselors but just recently got released. After 8 years! That's a long time for a calling!] had this genius plan that he concocted. So he comes up to us one Sunday at church and is so excited about this new idea he has. He says how missionaries always get lemons thrown at them from so many less actives, so we are going to turn those lemons into lemon snaps! Hahaha He had the missionaries over to make tons of lemon snaps and then we delivered them to the less actives that don't have home teachers or who don't meet with the missionaries. [The ones the missionaries sometimes dread going to visit] It was so awesome though!!!! We were able to sit down and visit with so many less actives that we had either never met before or who had never let us in. Those lemon snaps just melted down their little hearts! They were so touched that we would take time to make them cookies. It was such a huge miracle!! 

So I have never had so many people so excited that I have Cystic Fibrosis. I just found out this past week that there is a young boy in the ward who also has CF and was in the hospital for a couple weeks and just got out. When his Mom found out from Sister Vellinga that I have CF it spread like wildfire through the whole ward! Everyone is so happy because the little boy has always wanted to serve a mission, but wasn't sure if he could or not because of his condition. Apparently meeting me though has given him and his family so much hope that he can serve a mission one day. Of course I explained that I have been very healthy and have had to take good care of it my whole life. But he is the happiest and healthiest looking little boy! We have to stay apart from each other of course, but it has been so fun to have this little bond with him. Sad, but fun. 

I love and miss you all. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support I have gotten out here. I love this gospel and know that it is true. We are so incredibly blessed to have this knowledge and gospel in our life. Thank you for all of your wonderful examples to me over the years

Sister Genster's crutch broke :( But thankfully it was right before we got to the parking lot to go home.

The Gublers went home this week!! :( We are all so sad to have them go. They did SO MUCH for this mission. We all love them tons. This was at their farewell party a couple nights before they left.

Sister Tryon and Sister Genster switched glasses! She thought this picture was the funniest thing ever!! I love it so much!!! She is so precious.

Lemon snaps!

Ya little sassafrass!!!

I found this street on the map of our area day 1 in here and got so excited!!! It's my street!

This place was so awesome!! Sadly I forgot to get pictures inside, but I will be sure to get some when we go back. It is a lot like the one I went to in Budapest, except much smaller. We are definitely going here when we come back to visit!

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