Monday, February 24, 2014

"My one goal on my mission is to turn all my companions into total weirdos. So far I am doing pretty good I'd say!"

So first of all, the power of prayer is so incredible!!! Awesome story for y'all. So a few weeks ago I was saying my nightly prayers and praying for Steph as I always do. However I have been trying to be more specific in my prayers recently. Specific prayers bring specific blessings. I asked Heavenly Father to bless Stephanie with one more baptism here at the end of her mission. Then on Monday we got her email about Katya being baptized!!! (look up above and click on "Sister Olds the First" to read about that!) It didn't even hit me that it was an answered prayer until a few days later. I was kneeling down again to say my nightly prayers when all of a sudden it hit me!! I literally gasped in the middle of saying my prayers! (Sister Stringham thought it was so funnny!) It was such an incredible testimony builder!! Heavenly Father truly does hear and answer our prayers as we have righteous desires!!
We had to go to Cleveland this weekend to pick up some medicine for me. I felt really bad that we had to take a whole day to do it (we ended up in a HUGE traffic jam on the way there which made it take way longer than usual.) To repay Sister Stringham we went to Little Italy right next to the hospital and I bought her dinner. We went to Mia Bella (which the valets there recommended) and it was DELICIOUS!!! It also made me miss going out to dinner all the time with my family.
Not a ton happened this week. We had Zone Conference which was wonderful. President Vellinga is so incredible!!  I love him so much! Best quotes from him at zone conference: "We are trying to get people to heaven for pete's sakes!" And I also about died laughing when he started talking about baptizing penguins in Lake Erie. (Of course i was the only one. Then my whole district started laughing cause they knew that i was the one that busted up) Oh also Sister looney came to church again this week!!!! So exciting!!!
Sorry this week is so short. I am sending lots of pictures to make up for it :)

It is president Vellinga's birthday this week and we wanted to send him a fun card. Clearly we had way too much fun trying to take a picture for him! Self timer is hard....

Mia Bella's in Little Italy! So delicious!

Sister BoBo Olds' desk zoo!

The houses on Lake rd. are RIDICULOUSLY huge!!!

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