Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"That Heavenly Father is one good lookin dude!!" -Sister Looney

I love roller coasters. I do not love roller coaster weeks.
This week was all over the place! But wonderful nonetheless!
Sister Stringham and I had a "girl's night" with Sister Looney this week. Oh man....she is too great. She called us the night before letting us know that she was going to get a pizza for all of us because "that just seems fitting for a girls night" and that she was oober excited for our girls night. We had the pizza and then cookies and watermelon that we brought. We shared Proverbs 31:10 with her and then somehow ended up helping her organize her room. (she is a bit of a hoarder, my organizing skills have come in handy time and time again on my mission!) We found a witch's hat in her room that she said she had worn one year for Halloween. She put it on and had the biggest grin on her face and looked so thrilled with herself! As long as I live I will NEVER forget that image!!! I wish I had gotten a picture of her in that hat!! She is too cute!!! Then we helped her pick out an outfit for church this week. She was SO excited to come to church!! However, her ride ended up getting sick Sunday morning and we found out last minute. We were scrambling like crazy to find her a ride and NO ONE could do it! We were panicking!! We ended up having to call her and tell her that no one could come to get her. She was so upset and said that she was done and was never, ever coming back and that we shouldn't ever ask her again. Sister Stringham and I both immediately broke down in tears. We felt like all of our hard work and progress we had made with her was just flushed down the drain. However a few minutes later the wonderful Relief Society President came and said that she was leaving church to go pick her up (which is about 30 minutes both ways). We called Sister Looney back and she wouldn't even consider coming even if she went to get her. We were so sad and so discouraged. Sister Taylor SAVED the day though!!! That woman is honestly a miracle worker!! She was able to talk to SIster Looney and convince her into coming next week and that she personally would pick her up. Sister Looney agreed and gave us another chance!! Also Sister Taylor told her that she would bring her cookies tonight because we all felt so bad that she couldn't come, so that definitely sweetened the deal. Sister Taylor is SO AMAZING!!! We love her so much! It gets even better though. Bishop could see that we were really upset when we walked into Sacrament meeting late. We got a text from him later that day saying that Sister Looney was fine and that he visited with her for a while. Yes!! Sister Looney had been telling us all week how she really wanted to talk to Bishop. That night we went stopped by to see how she was doing real quick since we were right next door. She was in much higher spirits and I am pretty sure that she forgot about that morning completely. (hallelujiah!) Are you sitting down for this?? While we were standing there she said, "Oh I don't smoke anymore. It makes me deathly ill." ..................WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Sister Stringham and I were in SHOCK!!! We asked her what had made her realize this and she told us all about how Bishop had come over and they had a good long talk about it and prayed about it together. Right after he left she went to go have a cigarette and got horribly sick. Then the same thing happened a few hours later. She told us that she is done smoking and is getting rid of all her cigarettes!! Highlight of the week BY FAR!!!
(Second best highlight of the week: I saw a pug in a sweater)
Guess what!! I like waffles!! We went to the Hughes' home for dinner this week and they always have breakfast for dinner on Thursday. We were both a bit hesistant because I don't like practically any breakfast foods-especially waffles and pancakes- and Sister Stringham hates eggs. Guess what was for dinner! waffles and eggs! Haha but we were good sports and ate it of course. They were DELICIOUS!!! I don't know if I was just blessed with more accepting taste buds that night or what, but they were so good!! Oh also somehow we got on the subject of youtube videos and Brother Hughes brought up the Baby Monkey on a pig video and I just about fell out of my chair laughing!!! I had totally forgotten about that video!!! I laughed WAY too hard at that one. They thought it was hilarious. Yesterday I thanked him for getting that song stuck in my head all week!
We were able to help one of our investigators move this week. (thankfully still in our area!) We worked practically all day Saturday with them and a little on Sunday to finish up. Our bodies are exhausted!! But I made Poppa proud of his son. :) They were a bit shocked I think with us. We are stronger than we look!!
Sad news.... We have to move out of the Buchanan's house :( We found out this week that their daughter and granddaughter are moving in and so we are apartment shopping now. (Which is much harder without the use of the internet!) So let us know if you hear of any apartments for rent in Avon or Avon Lake! haha
Love you all and miss you so much. This work is the greatest thing I could be doing with my life right now. I love it so much!!!
Love from Avon,
Sister Olds II
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE VALENTINES FLOWERS!!!! They were such a nice surprise on a hard day :) You guys are so wonderful!!!

I got the CUTEST Valentines Package from my old roommate Elizabeth!!! She is too sweet!!! Of course my favorite thing was the pink hedgehog mug! She knows me so well :)

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