Monday, February 10, 2014

Sicky sick :(

Sister Stringham and I have been horrible sicky sicks all week. Being sick is no fun. Being sick as a missionary is the worst! We were stuck at home most of this week because of it. I honestly can't even remember the last time that I was this sick. Or ever!! I thought having CF gave me a free pass to never getting sick? What happened to that?? But anyways this email this week is super short, cause what more can you tell about a week stuck in bed?
One funny story this week though! We had an appointment with an investigator and her kids that we refused to miss even if we were puking out the side of the car. Thankfully we had the energy and health to. We watched The Testaments with them and afterwards were talking about when Christ will come to earth again. Her 9 year old son said, "It's been a really long time. Do you think that Jesus forgot to come back??" Then during the closing prayer (which he said) he said, "please bless that Jesus didn't forget to come back." How cute is that?? Her kids are all so precious!! Love them so much.
Hopefully I can get over this cold soon!! Love and miss you all! Especially this week! Being sick makes a girl awful homesick.
Haha that reminds me, one of our other investigators called us this week to see if we could come over and cook with him and we had to tell him that we couldn't because we were home sick. He thought that we meant we were homesick and so we couldn't come over. haha "Oh yeah...we are too homesick to come over and cook. sorry." haha No. We are home. Funny.

The ADORABLE pillow case that terri made me for my birthday and sent me!!! How cute is that?!? I was so excited :)

Sister Stringham taught me how to knit!! This is what I made. I am turning it into a head band. I know it isn't super amazing but its a start

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