Monday, February 10, 2014

The Book is Blue, The Church is TRUE!

Honestly everything just starts to blend together after a while. Didn't I just get here last week? This whole week honestly seems like a blur. I will try to remember what happened though.
I had my first exchanges this week! It was really great, but also made me realize just how much I am going to miss this area when I have to leave. Also, how much I am going to miss SIster Stringham!!! I love her SO MUCH!! It is going to be so hard to have to be separated eventually. Every time someone brings it up we just get really serious and tell them that we don't talk about that. We are seriously the same person!! It is too fun. I am so happy that she is just as goofy and weird as I am.
Sister Taylor (the one that texted you that picture of me this week) gave this AMAZING lesson this week in Relief Society. She shared the youth music video for the theme this year and it is so good!! Everyone go check it out! Seriously there was not a dry eye in there after it was over! We went over that night to the Taylors house for dinner and were already on a spiritual high from church then they showed us some of the Bible Videos. How have I never heard of these before?! They are absolutely incredible! My favorite one is when he heals the blind man. Definitely watch some for FHE sometime! I love them so much!!
Hmmm what else happened this week...Oh!! I'm all better!! Yay for no more cold! Also there is supposed to be a huge storm coming in tonight. Pray that we are able to make it out of our house tomorrow! We have too many important things planned tomorrow to be stuck inside.
This week one of our investigators (well...former investigator now...he dropped us on Sunday    :(  )taught us how to make "pigs in a blanket". (Which are really cabbage rolls)They are polish!! And so delicious! It of course makes me miss Ukraine even more. It was so fun though and we took them to district meeting the next day for us all to have for lunch.

It is crazy to think that I have already been out on my mission for two months. (As of today!) Where is the time going?! It is incredible how much I have already learned and how I am growing so much. My understanding of this gospel and the Book of Mormon are so much deeper now! As well as my testimony. The Book of Mormon is seriously THE most incredible blessing in all of our lives! It answers every single question we could ever have in life. No matter what problems we are having in life, if we go to the Lord then He can help us through them. As Elder Holland said, "Hope is never lost." Heavenly Father is just waiting to answer our prayers and to bless us. We are the ones that must take action first in coming to Him with our burdens and cares.
I love this gospel so much and have finally realized the largest blessing in my life; being born into this gospel and into a family that loves and lives it. This gospel brings more happiness into my life than anything else ever could. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me to go and help His children feel of that joy in their lives.

Cooking with Mike

Our car got a flat the rain. Why do I only ever have car troubles when it is raining? 
So we are walking through Walmart and all of a sudden goes "There's your cousin's baby!!!" Umm.....what?! Sure enough....I look over and there he is! Really Claire? The first time I see your baby is on a magazine in Walmart?? But he is super adorable!!

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