Monday, October 27, 2014


Sister Jarvis hit her 9 month mark!!!

I raked leaves for the FIRST TIME EVER this week!!!!! We raked for the Stoddard's and for the Francis' while I was on exchanges with Sister O'Banion and it was such a blast!! Sister Francis made me jump in them since I had never done it before. I had way too much fun. 

The Hook Family! They are the CUTEST family in the entire world. [Brother Hook is taking the picture]  I seriously just want to be them. So we got there for dinner and their little girl Elyse had a dress on and she told us, "She wanted to wear a dress to match the missionaries." How cute is that?!?! They are so great. 

This is Sister Kane's venus fly trap and it is awesome!! She catches flies to feed it. I keep telling her that we are going to come over some day and it will have gone all little shop of horrors on her and she is going to try and feed us to it.

That's Brother Olmsted photo bombing in the back. Yes. There is an Olmsted family in the North Olmsted Ward. Love it.

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