Monday, October 27, 2014

I love miracles!!

There are so many people out here that I have met [and will yet meet] that I know Heavenly Father has sent me out here to find and to help. One of which being Sister Kane. I don't think I have told you about her before. She is a less active member that we have been meeting with for the past couple of months now. I met her last transfer when I was on exchanges with Sister Beaudoin. She was a new name on the ward list that no one knew anything about, so of course they send the missionaries to investigate! :) We stopped by late one night [well, late in missionary world...8:30] and she actually let us right in! I'm not sure who she thought we were because a few seconds later she sees our tags and goes, "Oh're from the church..." Very reluctantly she let us sit down and we just visited with her for a little bit and got to know her more. Turns out that she had just moved there a couple weeks ago and this was her first time living alone, both of her daughters had been in horrible accidents on the same day, and so many other things in her life seemed to be falling apart. At the end of our visit the wonderful Sister Beaudoin asked if we could share a scripture. She shared John 14:27 with her. By the end of it she was in tears. We testified of how only Christ can give us that true and lasting peace in our life. The spirit was so strong during the whole lesson. She kept saying, "You girls have something. There's something special here." Yeah! The Spirit! So now fast forward to this past week. We have been meeting with her much more frequently since then. We stopped by one night this week and were discussing Elder Uchtdorf's talk with her from Women's Conference. We brought up the idea of teaching her all of the missionary discussions. I have NEVER seen anyone get that excited about it before! It was so amazing!! Her eyes got all big and she goes, "YES! That is such a genius idea! Why have we not thought of that before! Whose idea was that?? Let's do it!!" We were in shock! To see the change from when we first met to her to her now being overjoyed and thrilled with the idea of taking all of the lessons again is truly miraculous. I love love LOVE seeing how the gospel changes people. 

Another miracle this week: Jojo has a baptismal date!!!! Okay this isn't a huge shock because we know that she wanted to be baptized, but now it is more official! Her date is for December 25. haha I love it. She says that that is the date that keeps coming to mind when she prays about it! Sadly the Elders in Lorain will start taking over more of the teaching this week since she technically lives in their area. Jojo is definitely another one of those people that I know I was sent out here to help. I love her SO MUCH!! I can't wait to come back after my mission and hang out with her. She is so awesome. 

We had the ward Trunk or Treat this week! It made me miss Voyager Ward and our awesome Fall Festivals so much! There was no dunk tank and no ginormous water balloon sling shot this time. Someone needs to teach Ohioans how to throw a Fall Festival! Also we had the Primary Program yesterday! Which once again made me miss Voyager Ward. I couldn't help but think of little Becca Hernandez trying to choke herself the whole time up there. But of course there were some good laughs here as well. The whole theme was on families and so of course I got a wee bit choked up. I'm beginning to realize, I haven't seen y'all in a long time! 

I feel like a lot of times there will be different themes throughout my mission. Lately I have had a new one. "You can count the seeds in an apple, but you cant count the apples in a seed." [Nope, not that brilliant. I got it from a talk from Elder Maxwell] I have been noticing more and more [and I know that even more go unnoticed] that we truly never know what good comes from the things that we do. Just today I got an email from a friend who was telling me about how he was able to share with someone else the things that he had learned from me in order to help them. You just never know what ripple effect our good deeds, and words, can have. I know that there are a number of days out here where I ask myself if any good is actually coming from what I do, but there is!! There's tons of it! And even if I don't get to see what good does come from it, I know that I am a part of the Lord's work and that even the smallest of seeds planted helps to move it forward just that much more. 

I love my mission. 

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