Friday, November 7, 2014

The Mormon world is so small.

Okay so last night we went to the Stake Youth Missionary Fireside and Sister Hinckley had just gotten home from her mission this past Thursday. They had invited her to come and talk to the youth a little bit about preparing to go on their missions. We came in late and so I didn't hear the first part of her talk, but then they had her come back up later and bare her testimony in Hungarian......What?! So I caught her afterwards and asked if she was in Budapest and she was!! So of course we were freaking out over that for a while and then I was like, "Oh wait! You probably know Elder Anderson then huh??" And she did! But then it gets better. I got so excited and was told her how he is one of my best friends back home! And she goes, "So you're from Gilbert then??" Yes....BROTHER BOWLER BAPTIZED HER PARENTS!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I love being a Mormon!! The world is so small!!! We were so excited!!! He baptized them back when they lived here in Cleveland! How awesome is that?? It was so much fun. Oh and the other kid is her brother. 

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