Friday, November 7, 2014

Meep, meep!

The weeks just keep going faster and faster. Maybe because Sister Maddox goes home so soon which somehow gets me into the thought process that I am going home soon too. Thankfully that's not true though. I still have tooooooooons of time...right? RIGHT?! I'm sure it will go by in a flash. I mean I can't believe that it is already the holidays coming up! Crazy! Tomorrow is my 11th month mark....Yikes.

Hmm...this week this week this week...What did we even do this week? We actually had a ton of super awesome and spiritual lessons this past week. We have been so blessed!! My teaching has improved so much since I have been Sister Maddox's companion. It's great! 

We had exchanges with the other North Olmsted sisters and so I got to go to my old area!!! My favorite part? Seeing the wonderful Tryons again!!!! Brother Tryon opens the door before we even get out of the car and as he sees me walk up he gets so excited and happy and goes, "Hi sweetheart!!!" Ooh I just love them to pieces!!!! We also did a bit more raking this week as well. I love it!! It is so much fun!! Why can't we have real Fall out in Arizona??

Okay, so you know how I have told you about that little boy that has Cystic Fibrosis in my ward here? So his Mom came up to me after Sacrament Meeting yesterday and hands me a bunch of lined paper that has some writing on it and explains how he has a whole bunch of questions for me but didn't know how he could ask me them. [Since we can't be around each other] And so he wrote them all down on paper and wants me to respond to them and give them back. How cute is that?!?! He is so precious!! He wants to serve a mission so badly!! My favorite question on there was "Do you ever have to wear your vest while you are meeting with investigators?" hahaha the image in my head of me teaching while doing my vest was priceless!! I was cracking up. He is too great!!

Man, sorry this email this week is such a bummer. I feel like a ton more happened, I just can't think of it now. It all just mushes together over time. 

Here is my favorite scripture this week: 2 Timothy 2:3
[Don't worry. That's not some secretive way of trying to say that things are actually really hard out here, cause they aren't right now. Things are great!!] I just really love it! We truly are all soldiers in this war with Satan. So we might as well be a good soldier! Am I right?? 

Loves and Hugs!!

The wonderful Boulters :) They work in the mission office and are so fun and so wonderful!! I am so sad that they go home so soon. Oh Dad! This is your future doppleganger that I was telling you about!! He seriously looks so much like you but then also acts JUST like you! It's freaky...

Our cute little Halloween dinner we had over at the Schroth's! They're so wonderful. 

We may or may not have found mold in our apartment this week....

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