Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"We are here to help people and you're a person so we want to help you." -me.....cause I'm genious

Yep, just quoted myself. Well, actually Sister Pound quotes me and so kindly reminds me how dumb I sound sometimes. Got to love District Meeting role plays! Am I right??
I know you are all dying to know about my new companion, and actually you all know her! Merida is my new companion!!!! [The girl from Brave...for those of you who are slacking in your Disney trivia]. Her name is Sister Hemenway and I was actually her STL out in Cleveland so we already knew each other! It was great! She is so cute and tiny and so fired up about the work!! I am so stoked!! She will be a great addition to the St. Marys Branch!
Wow, what even happened this week? Monday and Tuesday were all kind of a blur having Sister Thomas say goodbye to everyone and getting her ready to go. I really do miss her a lot. But she is loving life at home, so that's good! Tuesday we all got together as a zone and played volleyball in Lima. Then Wednesday my little Sister Hemenway came! I think she was really overwhelmed by our area at first. I can't blame her though, it is A LOT to take in at first. She is getting the hang of it now though. :)
So funny story this week: [Hopefully this isn't one of those "had to be there" times....] Ramiro and Sandro have a new roommate living with them whose name is 'Heladio'. [And doesn't speak much english at all.] When we went over for our lesson with them and Aaron we met him. When Elder Joos went and introduced himself and shook his hand he just said, "Heladio" and Elder Joos goes and hugs him and says, "I love you too, but what's your name??" We all just DIED laughing!!!!! It was hilarious!! Then at the end of our lesson when we were getting ready to go Heladio came back out and shook all of our hands and said, "I love you. I love you. I love you." Hahaha thankfully he was a good sport. :)
How great was General Conference?? Soooooooooo much talk on families. That was definitely one to make a soon to be returning missionary feel a little "trunky"/homesick for her family. But it's all good! I've still got lots more left to do before that day comes. My favorite was Elder Clayton's and Elder Pearson's. SO GOOD.
I say this all the time, but it's because it's true, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Thank you for all the prayers. I honestly could not do this work without them. You all mean the world to me. I can't wait to Skype you all NEXT MONTH!!! Then see you a month after that.....weird.

Sister Amber Olds

I walked out of the bathroom to them attacking me with the sword, hangers, and bubbles...

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