Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"We're off to see the Prophet, the wonderful Prophet of God!"

I LOVE THE SUN!!!!! Having the sun come out a few times this week seriously did WONDERS for me!! Tuesday we took advantage of it big time and had a picnic for lunch by Lake Erie. It is finally starting to thaw! We also spent about 3 1/2 hours that day tracting. We found one super awesome potential! (D&C 18:15) We talked with her for about 10 minutes (which is super long compared to the 15 seconds we get with most people) and she has been wanting to read the Book of Mormon and was so excited that we had one for her! We are meeting with her tomorrow so I will let ya know how it goes next week! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE EASTER PACKAGE!!! That was such a nice surprise :) And I get the hint! Clearly I am not writing enough letters from the plethora of cards you sent me! We have all been munching on the eggs all week. I can't even remember the last time I had Robin's Eggs. Those things are good! 

So this email is going to kind of be all over the place because so many different things happened this week, with no real clever or logical way of tying them all together. So here goes!

Apparently Friday was the opening day of baseball or something (clearly not a sports fan....) and so our investigator Elaine invited us over to cook hot dogs with her. We barbecued them out in the rain (it rained fromThursday to Saturday this week....) and it made me miss going camping when we were little so much!! Can we add that to the to do list when I get back? Yes? Yes.

We were told that we were going to finally be moving on FridayWednesday we packed up all our stuff (because Thursday was super busy) only to find out 15 minutes after packing up EVERYTHING WE OWN that we in fact were not going to be moving after all. Super. So then we got to unpack everything. Great fun great fun! 

Super sad news. Sister Looney "dropped" us yesterday. (a.k.a. Told us not to come over anymore to visit her) Something along the lines of we don't understand her anymore (which isn't entirely wrong. She is getting harder to understand....we think her mind is starting go. Well, going more.) And then she said how all relationships eventually do come to an end. I was practically in tears the whole time she was talking! But then I asked her if we would still see at church and she goes, "Oh of course!! That won't change at all." Well perfect! That made me feel so much better! It is okay if we don't visit her anymore, because we have done what Heavenly Father needed us to do to help her, now we can move on. She is so wonderful and I will definitely miss our visits with her. Oh but she left us with a good one yesterday! "Did you know that Jesus had marijuana??" Oh boy.....Apparently he used it to flavor his food....

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE MISSIONARIES OUT THERE!!! That is seriously what General Conference is for all of us! Conference has never gone by so fast in my life!!! It was so incredible! And of course I absolutely loved hearing about the Gilbert temple dedication and Cultural celebration!! Okay, how amazing was Elder Holland's talk?! (As usual) I am SO STOKED FOR MAY!!! I can't wait for him to come talk to our mission!!! The biggest things I got from General Conference was that this world needs a whole lot more love in it, and that the second coming is SOON! So we had better be preparing ourselves! Yikes! 

I love this work. I love the gospel. I love the Lord.

I hope you all have a most wonderful week! 

Sister Olds II

P.S. I came across Doctrine & Covenants 39:14 this week and literally burst out laughing. It's no secret that I wanted to serve my mission in Ukraine. That scripture was like a smack in the back of the head. hahaha I am so happy that I got sent to the best mission in the world though! I love it here so much. More than I thought was possible. 

P.S.S. So awesome opportunity I just had! we are sitting here at the computers emailing at the library and I over hear the old man across from us asking for help with and so of course my ears perk up. I pull out a card from my bag and go talk to him about it and give him the card. Then the guy next to him asks us about it and wants one too! It was so great!  I love those little opportunities the Lord puts in my path! 
Picnic by Lake Erie!! 
Trying to feed the squirrels.
My beast of a strawberry I had for lunch. (It made me miss going sailing with you Dad so much!! I feel like we always have strawberries on the boat when we go out. Oh that reminds me, Sister Ebersole asked me this week if I had "ever been on an actual boat". Haha it made me chuckle)

The first Sunday that we have had beautiful weather pretty much since I got here!

Isn't Sister Ebersole just the cutest thing ever??? I love her so much!!!

So many people have these geese by their front doors! (Sister Kerr was right!!) And I have no idea why!! But the ones that are dressed up are my favorite (of course...)

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