Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I promise I'm not an eeyore

Well this week was definitely better than last week, but still very difficult. I am still trying to get the hang of this whole "training" thing. I don't think I have ever been so stressed in my life before. Which honestly doesn't really make any sense. I can't exactly pin point what it is that is making me stressed so much. I am pretty sure it is just a huge compilation of lots of different things that are getting to me. (I know I know Dad, I need to relax. "They can't fire me")

We have been working super hard to find new investigators, but I am pretty sure that people are calling their neighbors when we come on their street to warn them that the Mormons are coming and to not answer their doors. Either that or no one actually lives in these houses in our area! But we keep working hard and know that the Lord will lead us to them eventually as long as we rely on His help and do our best. 

Wasn't the Women's session of Conference amazing?? I absolutely loved it! We got to watch it at the Bishop's house with all of the young women so that was super fun! Unfortunately none of our investigators were able to come. Which was such a bummer because it was all focused on covenants! 

Sorry this week is so short. Not too many exciting things happened this week. Keep us in your prayers that we will find the elect this week!

Love you all so much and miss you tons. 

Oh P.S. Saturday there was a horrible snowstorm. Now today it is 60 degrees. I give up! I can never keep up with the weather. Someone needs to tell Ohio that it's spring already!

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