Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't worry, we repented.

So much to tell about this week, but I am going to start with THE MOST exciting part!

We found out last week that Elder Halstrom from the Seventy is coming to visit our mission in May with an apostle, but they didn't know who the apostle would be yet. We found out this week....Guess who it is....

ELDER JEFFREY R. HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I read the text from our district leader and screamed and told all the other sisters and then Sister Perrenoud and I did the biggest, most intense happy dance this world has ever seen! (But the missionary handbook says that missionaries aren't allowed to dance, so we had to repent afterwards) We are SO STOKED!!! Later Sister Perrenoud was like, "I really wish that we had that on film. I mean what other 20 year old girls would get this excited over an old man coming to talk to them? Mormons!" hahaha So true.

I'm training! It was so hard to say goodbye to Sister Stringham, but it has been fun to have a fresh start with Sister Ebersole. And she is from Arizona too! These two Arizona girls are taking on Avon. She is from Prescott Valley, AZ. In the first five minutes of meeting me she said, "I just want you to know that I am ready to work hard." Could a trainer hear any better phrase from their trainee?? I think not! She is definitely getting used to missionary life, but once she does she will be a stellar missionary. Along with being a trainer, that means that I get to drive! It was definitely super weird getting behind the wheel after 3 months of being a co-driver. 

Well I had some good growing pains this week. The biggest lesson I learned this week was that I truly do need to depend on the Lord's help through this work. I cannot do it alone. I have this bad habit of trying to be this super woman missionary and thinking that I can do everything and don't need any help. NOPE! Not how it is supposed to be done. We need to rely on our companions, other missionaries, and especially Heavenly Father for help. 

I am so grateful for this amazing gospel. I truly took it for granted before I came on my mission.

Sister Ebersole and I!

The Buchanans! I love them like they are my own grandparents! I miss living with them so much! 

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