Thursday, March 13, 2014

We went to Kirtland this week!!!! We took Lynn on Tuesday because she really wanted to go and Sister Taylor came with us as well! It honestly could not have gone any better if we had planned it to! (Unless of course we broke the ice in Lake Erie and baptized her right there.) She absolutely loved it and said that the most amazing part was that she was actually walking and standing where Joseph Smith had once walked and stood!! (She loves Joseph Smith) It was so wonderful! Also it was the first time that Sister Stringham and I had got to do the full tour at Kirtland. Everyone needs to go to Kirtland!! Absolutely amazing. We are definitely coming back as a family.

Awesome story! This week during companion study we got a knock on the door and so I went to go answer it and guess who it was!! The Jehovah's Witnesses!! We had a nice little Bible Study right there at the door, then we taught them the Restoration. :) But then once the other sisters got home they quickly left because they were outnumbered. It was too funny though. They called us accursed because we believe the Book of Mormon. Good times, good times. 

Thank you so much for the package!!!! So wonderful!!!! It got here the morning of my appointment in Cleveland and so we were so excited that we had new music to listen to for our long drive!! You are all so good to me :) I really do appreciate it! And thank you so much for all the stamps!! I was almost out! That was so helpful!! 

Oh and lots of more words of wisdom from Sister Looney this week! (man i love that crazy woman) We were teaching about the Plan of Salvation and when we got to Adam and Eve she goes, "Oh! Well don't you know that they were much too busy to be having kids in the Garden of Eden!?" of course we were puzzled and upon further inquiry she told us "Well they were busy naming everything! You know....grass, trees, dirt, and so on!" Hahaha And then when we were talking about temples with her she told us that she won't go to the temple until she can walk there because that is what Jesus did and she is trying to be like Jesus..... When we explained that Heavenly Father has blessed us with modern transportation so that we can get to the temple she said that she would not drive there because Jesus could have rode in a golden chariot to the temple but he didn't, He walked. So that is what she is going to do. There was really no changing her mind. 

Well I am SO happy that Steph is home safe!! Weird to be the only missionary out from the Olds' family now!! I love you all so much and appreciate all of your love and support! It makes all the difference in the world out here!!!
I love and miss Sophie, but Bruiser is the next best thing I have out here!! I love this dog so much!! He is too cute! He is a chug (Half pug half chihuahua) and is so hilarious!! I about died laughing watching him chase his tail. TOO cute.

He was making it difficult to get a picture


Doing my breathing tests at the doctors! (Sister Stringham thinks it is so funny, so she took pictures)

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