Monday, May 19, 2014

When it POURS!

Well, we're not in Arizona anymore Toto!
Last week on Preparation day the whole district was playing soccer/ baseball/ ultimate Frisbee out in Lorain at a park, which was super fun! And then it started raining, which made it even more fun! However driving home afterwards was not as fun. That night when we were headed to our appointments we got a text about a tornado warning...what?! We texted the elders to make sure we were still allowed to go out and they asked if the tornado siren was going off. Umm....what is a tornado siren?! Sure enough...during our lesson we found out what a tornado siren is. That thing is TERRIFYING!!! But our 9 year old investigator got really freaked out by it and started crying and so we had to pretend like we weren't scared. But with both of us being from Arizona we had no idea that there were such things as tornado sirens. When we got out of our lesson we had a  bunch of texts and calls from the zone leaders, district leader, and the Gublers (senior couple that works in the mission office) The zone leaders had told everyone to go home, but the Gublers told us that the news said that the storm was right over North Ridgeville (where we live) and so we should go to a members house instead. So we call up the Buchanan's. Sister Buchanan answers and just says, "Are you okay?!?!" I love her so much :) She met us at the door when we got there and we were telling her how we weren't sure who to call and she just goes, "Well you come home of course!" It seriously was like going home. Max and Lulu were there to greet us, Sister Buchanan made us hot chocolate, and Brother Buchanan even had some good, hard doctrinal questions for us. It was just like old times! (Although it made me miss Sister Stringham a whooooole lot!) The Buchanans are so incredibly wonderful to us. I love them so much and am so grateful that I got to live with them for so long when I first got here. Around 9:00 it was still raining a bit, but we thought we would be fine to drive home. It wasn't too far from the Buchanans and it seemed like the storm had mostly passed. Well, the storm had passed, but it left a few lakes! Driving home we got caught in some super bad flooding! The water was coming up over the hood of our car and so we had to turn our brights on, but then the water covered those too! We couldn't even get the car all the way to our apartment because our street was a total river. It was the most scared I had ever been while driving. Not a fan of floods!
In the morning we got a call from Elder Jensen (our district leader) asking if we could help with flooding problems in members' basements out in Lorain. Ohhhhh man. That was hard, gross, and stinky work!! But it was definitely awesome to be able to help everyone out. They were all so appreciative. The last house we did that night was covered in mud and muck down in the basement but the elders all had appointments they needed to go to so the 4 of us sisters decided to tackle it ourselves. It was so fun! We were singing song and laughing the whole time. The family kept coming downstairs cause they were so confused why we sounded so happy cleaning up mud and poop out of their basement. haha Well we ended up doing flood clean up for most of the week. Needless to say it was quite the exhausting week. But Poppa would be proud of his hard working son :)
So I saved a snapping turtles life this week. He had crawled out onto the road and everyone was passing over him and so I pulled over and moved him off the road. [And that little turd kept snapping at me trying to bite me!] Then when we drove back past after our appointment the stupid little guy had crawled back out onto the road and someone had squooshed him!!! I was so sad/ mad!
I am SO STOKED for this week!!! Zone Conference AND Mission Conference!! With Elder Holland and Elder Hallstrom!! I can't wait to tell you all about it!!!

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