Friday, May 2, 2014

Warning: not suitable for all ages (or just Erin...)

WORST. EXCHANGES. EVER. Poor Sister Gardner. So I haven't gotten a migraine in almost 6 years. But I got one this past week while on exchanges. It was awful! We went to our dinner appointment and my head kind of hurt, but then at Coordination Meeting that night it got awful. I felt nauseous and my head hurt so bad that my face starting going numb. We had to do a quick song practice afterwards for the baptism on Saturday and I could barely stand. Sister Gardner kept asking if I needed to go home but I said I would be fine. I did have her drive home though because I felt so rotten. We didn't even make it 5 minutes from the church before I was puking out the window. I felt so bad!! For Sister Gardner as well as for the guy's lawn that I puked in. Hopefully he never finds out that it was mormon missionaries....We had to pull over one more time on the way home as well. Ugh, I haven't thrown up in so long! I hate it. Needless to say I didn't feel too hot the next couple of days. It was really funny though. When we got home Sister Gardner goes, "I didn't want to say this earlier, but when you were standing there puking I thought, 'Hmm, this must be what it's like to have a drunk friend.' " hahaha then in the morning when we woke up I was so confused as to where I was because we had moved to a new apartment the day before and she goes, "Oh! Another sign of being drunk!" haha She was so wonderful though and took great care of me. I'm sure that will go down as the worst exchanges ever in her book!

My new address!

6141 Albert Avenue Apartment B105
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Hmm I honestly can't even think of what else happened this week. Oh! We got to do service at Salvation Army and it was awesome! I was talking to 5 different people at once about what we believe and what missionary work entails. It was so great!! One guy when he saw my name tag asked "what I was" and when I said Mormon he gasped and got this huge look of surprise on his face and goes, "Wow, I don't think I have ever met a real Mormon." haha Me and the lady I was helping just started busting up laughing. He ended up telling me his whole life story though and I invited him to church! He said he couldn't come this week but he really wants to come the week after.

Well I think things are finally starting to pick up in our area. The ball is starting to roll at least. Let's pray that it continues rolling!

I love you all so much. All of your emails and letters mean the world to me!! I cannot say thank you enough!! 

Sister Beaudoin doing deep clean last Preparation Day. Our fan was BAD! I am so sad that she is leaving this transfer!!
 :( She is so wonderful and such a stellar missionary!

Last district meeting this morning! We are loosing Elder Francis, Elder Hicken and Sister Beaudoin. :( Sorry it is such a bad picture. My camera died two seconds later.

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