Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Who the freak didn't cry during Old Yeller?!" -Elder Jarvis

Okay, so maybe less than twenty four therefore I pretty much have nothing to write in my email this week. But it was so fun to Skype yesterday!! [Even if you were in France without me...] Glad to see that you are all still the same ole weirdos as when I left :)
Well for everyone (anyone) else that reads my blog, here are a few highlights from the week:

-I got trapped in our bedroom this week. The door got jammed while I was getting ready one morning and so one of the managers had to come get me out. He took the doorknob off and tried to pull it out with his pliers but that didn't work. However! Him breaking the door down did work! haha Sister Ebersole was just busting up the whole time.
-Our mission is doing LOTS of preparation for Elder Holland and Elder Hallstrom coming in a week and a half. We are all SO STOKED!!
-Oh, as for the subject line we were all introducing ourselves at District Meeting this week because of transfers and we got a few new missionaries. Elder Jarvis said that we all had to say a movie that we cried in. Elder Stucki (his companion) immediately goes, "Elder Jarvis cried in Old Yeller!!!!" hahahha and he just goes, "Who the freak didn't cry during Old Yeller?!" haha just knowing him makes it so much funnier. He is this big tough hunter guy......who cries during Old Yeller. This district is so awesome! They are all such awesome missionaries
Well, that's really all I can think of. Not too exciting of a week.
I love you all!
Hugs and Snugs,
Sister Olds II

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