Friday, June 13, 2014

Leaving my heart in Lorain

Even though I knew it was coming, it has been so so SO hard to say good bye to everyone here in this area. I get transferred tomorrow, but I found out that I will still be in this stake!! So I wont be going too far away. 

I don't have a ton to write about this past week, but I have TONS of pictures to send home. Even though I am leaving this area, I would like to introduce you all to the wonderful people I have been so privileged to get to know over the past 6 months.

The Olson Family!! They are all too cute. They fed us so many times over the past six months! [Sometimes even twice a week!] We are always so grateful to the Olsons! Our lessons were always the best with them. They were so much fun!! And Brother and Sister Olson are just about the cutest couple ever and the most wonderful parents. I am going to miss this adorable family so much!! 

Lauren and Christian! This was from a couple of weeks ago when we went to Chritstian's 3rd grade choir concert. They are too cute! Christian is going to be the best little missionary ever one day. 

Good ole Roger :) So Roger got baptized in October of last year. Just picture the old man from Up. Everyone tells me that that is exactly who he was before he was baptized! Grumpy all the time and never wanted to talk to anyone. [He even has a dog that looks just like Doug!] Then his tongue was loosed at baptism! He is always so happy to see everyone at church and loves the church [and the missionaries] more than anything! Every time we see him he goes, "Where's that smile?"

Wonderful dear Sister Kolenich :) How cute is she?? This past week we helped her plant a garden out front, had lunch with her, and she fixed the tear in my skirt for me! There is nothing this woman can't do!! I'm going to miss our Friday nights with her.

Sister LaRue and Meggie!! We visit them once a week as well and always get a good kick out of Meggie who has got to be the funniest [and softest!] cat I have ever met!! We always look forward to our visits with them. Sister LaRue is so sweet and so kind! 
 So we volunteer at the nursing home ever Thursday afternoon and just get to visit with some ladies there for a while. They are TOO GREAT!!! 

This is Eleanor and Katherine. They are roommates and are always such a hoot. Katherine is from Ireland and reminds me so so much of my dear sweet Gran :) Sassy comments and all.

Doris :) This is a girl after my own heart! She loves her jewelry and loves her makeup!!

Dorothy is one of the funniest old ladies! She is 93 years old but you would never guess it! She never remembers us but loves our visits. She tells us the same stories everytime [usually multiple times during the same visit]. This was my favorite conversation with her:
Dorothy: "Well are you girls married?"
Me: "No we aren't married."
Dorothy: "Well do you have a boyfriend?"
Me: "No we don't have a boyfriend. We're missionaries for our church."
Dorothy:".....Do you date??"
Me: "No not during our missions. We can afterwards though."
Dorothy: ".........YOU'RE WRONG!" 
hahahaha she is such a hoot!! She then proceeded to tell us how to get a husband. "Once you find one that you like you just gotta convince him to marry you and then just tell all the other ones *flips her hands up in the air* [as if to tell them to leave" Always a great afternoon with Dorothy :)

Bernice is HILARIOUS!!! We met her the first time we went and then didn't see her again until the last time. When we went in to tell her goodbye and explain that I was getting transferred 15 times she went, "Hey!....more money?" hahaha then proceeded to go through the same thing as Dorothy asking about Husbands and Boyfriends. When I told her I didn't have one she goes, "Hmm....that's strange. Well, what age are you lookin for? I'll look around for ya?" hahaha Then she goes, "Well, ya know. I'm really gonna miss ya. We were friends ya know. We were best friends." hahaha ohh honey. She is too sweet.

I love the Taylor Family so much!!!! They are so incredibly wonderful and take such good care of us missionaries. Thanks to them my favorite meal now is beef on a bun with coleslaw. [Don't hate until you've tried it! It's amazing.] And also this ridiculously good german mac and cheese they make. I'm not even going to try to type it out cause I know I will butcher it. They make me feel as if I am just part of their family!! So much so that we even recreated one of their family pictures!! [Don't worry Jessica! I could never replace you :)] I am going to miss them so much!!!! But I know I will see them again thankfully. Especially since I am rooming with Jessica Taylor in Idaho! 

How crazy is their cat?!?!?! I love him so much!! [but am "still slightly terrified of it"] Their whole family hates it and it doesn't even have a real name!! hahaha They all just call it Kitty. I am seriously going to come back after my mission and kitty nap it. I just crack up ever time I see it!! It is so silly!! They always tell me though that I don't have to steal it, they will happily send it to me!! [In fact don't be surprised if she shows up on your doorstep Mom... :)] They kept wanting to sneak it over to Sister Looney's house and give it to her, but now that plan is kind of foiled. 

Lynn is by far one of my most favorite people I have met while serving in this area!!! She seriously knows EVERYTHING!!! Every time we have any little problem she knows exactly how to fix it. Whether it be a stain on our clothes, the cure for hiccups, or how to know if you have appendicitis!! She's simply brilliant!! 

And of course I wuv my wittle Bruiser!!!!!!! He is so hilarious!! He always freaks out whenever we come over and gets so excited!! He is such a snorty little pig!! I love it!!

We had Zone Training Meeting this week and so I got to see Sister Beaudoin!!!! I miss her so much. Living with them was so much fun!! SO many good memories.

Sister Perrenoud and I have been together since day 1 of our missions!!! It is going to be so sad to have to leave her!!! :'( I love her so much. She is such a blast and such a stellar missionary. I really hope I get to serve around or with her sometime!!!

Beautiful Sister DeWilde and Sister Ebersole!! The two cute little trainees in the area :)

We matched and didn't even realize it until the end of the day!!

Sister Perrenoud introduced us to Woogie Bears. They are amazingly delicious and life changing. It is pretty much just dough rolled out, filled with delicious goodness, then folded over and baked to perfection.

My awesome district!! [Minus Elder Jarvis, he is on exchanges for the week in Sandusky] They are all so much fun!! top to bottom: Elder Stucki, Elder Ketring, ELder Jensen, Sister DeWilde, SIster Perrenoud, SIster Ebersole.

The Maynards!!!!! I am so coming to visit them again when I come back. He tells the best stories!!! And she would always give us cake while we listened to his stories, but once she found out that we are both diabetics she switched to fruit. [Which I actually prefer :)] They are the funniest couple ever!!! 

I'm going to miss my lovely Avon so very much :( 
Bruiser, Plank, and Moose :) [They named their dog Plank so that she could say, "Go walk the Plank!" hahaha too funny.]

I'm going to miss that adorable little red head of mine!!

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