Saturday, June 21, 2014

More goodbyes from Lorain :(

The wonderful Hughes!! Oh man I love this couple so much. They are so great!!! It is thanks to them that I now love breakfast foods. I know! Crazy huh? Probably the biggest miracle of my mission right there. Dinner with them was always so much fun!! {Little Baxter didn't want to hold still for the picture, but he is so adorable]

The adorable little Neena Fishburn!! I love this girl to death! She was like my little sister out here. She is too cute. She loved watching Mormon Messages with us all the time. 

The wonderful Sister Teaman!!!! She is the happiest and bubbliest person in the entire world!! I love her so much. She always took such wonderful care of all of us missionaries. She had us all over for dinner multiple times and even had us all over on Christmas day as well! I am going to miss her so much! 

I saved one of the hardest for last :( I love the Buchanans as if they really were family. They are so amazing and did so much for me. Living with them my first few months on my mission will always be a highlight for me. I had so much fun living with them. I missed late night apple pie with Sister Buchanan and long talks with Brother Buchanan so much when we had to move. I can't wait to come back and visit them and see their berry farm in a few years!!

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