Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Canadians have invaded...

They came in overnight in swarms! On the sidewalks, around the buildings, even on our balcony! They are taking over! Thankfully though they were all dead within the next 48 hours. This was my first experience with the Canadian Soldiers.....or mayflies. They are these ridiculous huge insects that come in from the lake and cover EVERYTHING!! However their life span once they come out of Lake Erie is 24-48 hours. But then you have tons of dead, huge bugs everywhere. Thankfully this only happens once a year. I'm okay with it though because this week was also my first experience with fireflies!!!!!!! They are SO COOL!! Sister Genster and I stand out on our balcony at night at just watch all of the little firefly bums light up all over. I was freaking out the first time I saw them. She just laughed at me. AND!!! I caught one even! [ok I know, not all that exciting, but I was excited!] I had only ever heard about fireflies before and had never seen them. But now I can cross "catch a firefly" off my bucket list :)

Living in the Vellinga's area is so much fun! They had us over for dinner twice this week. They are so good to us, Not gonna lie though, the first time I was really really nervous about it. But then it turned out that President wasn't even there. But he was last night! They are all so fun though. It was great.

Well I don't really have a ton to update on this week, but I am LOVING serving with Sister Genster. She is such a crack up!!!! And then everything is just that much funnier with her adorable German accent. Oh and she is teaching me German! So far I am awful at it. But by the end of this transfer I will be a fluent German sister! [not] We have been so blessed this past week and seen so many miracles! It has been so fun getting to know all of the new people here in this area. I love getting to meet so many new people. It is incredible to me how quickly I love them. It is such a gift to get to have a little glimpse of how Heavenly Father views each of His precious children. 

So we were doing a bunch of stop by's this week and saw a lady working out in her garage so we went up to talk to her and ohhhhhh boy! She then spent the next half hour bashing on pretty much every belief we have and hold dear. She told us we were a cult, don't need the Book of Mormon, etc. etc. Ya know, the common things people hate on. I won't even mention what she said about Joseph Smith. Then she started praying in tongues. Wow. That was.....something else. The whole time I had Elder Holland's talk running through my head and kept reminding myself to respond with courage and courtesy. Which we did. We listened respectfully to her beliefs, then testified of what we believe. The conversation eventually turned to all of the different things that were going on in her life and what a hard time she was having. We offered our assistance and gave her our number. She was so grateful and to my surprise actually accepted our card and told us she would call us next week. [I think that was a total miracle!] As we were leaving she said, "I know you will be trying to work on me, but I will be working on you too!" haha oh we will see.

I love this gospel so much. I am so grateful for the truth's that we have that give us such peace, comfort, and guidance. I am grateful for the experiences I am having out here to help build my testimony and other's testimonies as well. 


P.S. We are moving this Friday. I know.....this is my 2nd area and will be my 4th move. haha Ridiculous. Cracks me up. I think President just sends me to every area where he knows Sisters will be moving. So I will send you that address next week. 

These pictures don't even do the things justice to show how huge they are. We named this one Moroni though. He was the last one we found alive yesterday. The rest of them died like 5 days ago. 

How awesome is that sky?!

We got to paint that barn behind us! And did some weeding for a less active in the ward. Sorry it's so blurry.

Our little gopher friend we found! He was so cute!!!!

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