Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I am joining an accordion band and touring Europe

Awesome miracle this week:
We had planned to go tracting one day for a bit before dinner and honestly I was not too thrilled. I am not the biggest fan of tracting. But we felt like that's what we should do and so we did. I prayed that we would find a new investigator on that street. Second door we knocked on lovely little Miss Oliver opened the door. Oh my lanta. I love her! She immediately starts going on and on about some people that she thinks we know "down at the Hall". We quickly realized that she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. [Common mistake. We get that a lot] Then while she is talking a million miles a minute, mid sentence, she goes "Wait....who are you??" *looks at our tags* "Oh!! The Latter Day Saints! Well I already love you guys more!" Apparently a JW had knocked on her door a couple days ago and was not exactly the kindest. We ended up standing there for the next hour and a half talking to her. Now, Ohioans can talk. But she most definitely tops ANY Ohioan I have ever met. By some miracle we were able to squeeze in a super brief lesson on the restoration, give her a Book of  Mormon, and set a time to come back. But we also know just about everything there is to know about her life! She is seriously so great. She plays the accordion and wants to start a band with us and then tour Europe. [Can't even remember how the whole Europe tour came up, but when I said it she went "Ah!! It's happening! You said it and so it is going to happen! From the mouths of babes right?!" hahaha] Because apparently all you need to be in a band is "a great smile and personality" so we're set to go! She fell in love with us and said that she wants to just adopt us right now! She is too cute. I can't wait to go see her again tomorrow. 

So our other awesome investigator that I was telling you about before, Garrett, came to 2 Nephi 5 this week and was not the biggest fan of that! I knew this was going to come up though. We have been studying it a bit this week and praying real hard that the spirit is working on him as well. 

So I got to the story of Moses this week in the Old Testament. awesome is Moses?! I love him! Also, someone needs to tell those Israelites to chill out. I never realized how much people are always complaining in the scriptures! I've realized that that has become one of my biggest pet peeves on my mission. Complainers. Anyways! Moses! I was reading about how the Lord blessed the Israelites with manna to eat and was thinking how that applies to us still today. They had to gather the manna each day to eat and couldn't keep any of it to save for later. Are we doing that? Do we read our scriptures or pray once a day and then think "Well I'm set for a few days now!" We can't. We have to spiritually nourish ourselves daily. Also, the Lord gave them the manna. But he didn't go and put it in their mouths for them. They had to do their part to go gather the manna. The Lord has given us the scriptures and ability to pray and utilize the Atonement in our lives, but are we doing our part to use them each day? We have to use our agency to choose righteousness. I love the Old Testament. So many golden nuggets in there. 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers Especially this past week. I have really felt them helping me and giving me strength. 
West Side Market 
How awesome is this place?! I love it!!


The Christmas Story house is in Cleveland!! Who knew?!

Lamp and all :) 
We find joy in the littlest things... :) [Thank you again Bryant!!! We love our goodies!]

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