Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meep, meep!

All I want to do is sleep!! So now I understand why everyone told me that I would just be tired ALL THE TIME as a sister training leader. It's exhausting! Hopefully that was just because it was the first week and I was still transitioning. Also we had TONS to do this first week. It's been great though. I love it. However, I don't even know what to tell you about this week. That's why I sent a whole bunch of pictures so that you don't get upset that this e-mail will be so short. 

It's been fun getting to know some of the other members in the ward now. It's kind of sad but when there's three sets of missionaries in the ward then you really only get to know the members in your area. Unless your lucky and get to serve in two areas! [I keep joking that I'll become an assistant and take over their area next. Thankfully I know that won't happen] 

We already did our first exchange this transfer! I wasn't actually all that scared because I was just going back to my old area to help them meet some people and adjust. It was weird because I didn't even feel like I was on exchange. Just back home there! I thought it was hard when I left Lorain and was still so close to that area, but now I am even closer to that area, and my new area! My area now borders both of them. So weird. I wouldn't be surprised if I served within a ten miles radius my whole mission. 

Other than that things are good though! This transfer is going to be crazy with everything that is happening in it. We have the Saints Unified Voices Fireside [Gladys Knight}, Elder Teh's visit, General Conference, and somehow have to fit in 8 exchanges around that. Oh and it's a five week transfer. Yipee! Talk about throwing ya in the deep end. It will be exciting though. That's for sure!

Great great great great Grandpa Olds!!!! Sister Genster found the portrait of a Nathan Olds there but somehow I had missed it. But thankfully they had postcards of it in the gift shop!!! Gotta love those rockin sunglasses. 

I'm pretty proud of how much we were able to cross off our bucket list this transfer!

I already miss her so much :(

She has wanted to go to McDonald's since she got to America. haha so we had to do it real quick right before transfer meeting. 

Sister Maddox! She's actually my grandma! So that's fun. 

Some of the best zone leaders ever! Elder Stucki and Elder Jarvis. I served out in Lorain with them.

SISTER PERRENOUD!!! Love her so stinkin much. We can't wait to be roomies up in Rexburg.

How did I forget these?! The wonderful Miss Oliver whipped out the accordion for us this week!! 


Sister Franklin and the Tryons :) I am so sad to be switching areas but am so happy that I still get to at least see my members at church! 

I was so sad to have to say goodbye to the Tryons though! [They are too old and frail to go to church now :( ] While we were on exchanges I got to say goodbye to them though and Brother Tryon had us sing God Be With You Til We Meet Again. I was in tears. He was in tears. It was so heartbreaking. Goodbyes are probably one of the hardest things on a mission. 

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