Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 2: "Won't it be great when we're all dead?!" -Brother Quist

I think this is the "trunkiest" I have ever gotten during emails. Everyone is having so much fun without me!! But that actually makes for way better emails than " is boring. Nothing is new." So I'm glad that you are all  having a blast back home. [Or wherever in the world you are] 

This past week was awesome. So busy with all of this SUV Gladys Knight Fireside coming up. We are so lucky that it is right here in our area at our church building! People are coming all the way from Toledo to come to this! [That's far in our terms out here]. We had a huge training meeting Saturday for it and it was practically like a mini mission conference! All of the missionaries from here in Cleveland til all the way west of our mission were there. President is going all out with this thing. It's going to be HUGE! 

So last week we found out that Sister Genster is going to finish training a sister in Bowling Green and I am SO SAD to have her leave! I have gotten teary eyed every time she has had to say goodbye to someone. I do not want her to leave me. These past 3 months seemed like a week to us! She is so wonderful and honestly just perfect in every way. I am so stoked for our European tour in a couple years!

Last night we were in our last appointment with a member for the day and half way through we got a text from President that says, "Sister Olds please call me. President Vellinga." Now if that doesn't make you just about pee your skirt than I don't know what would!!!! I was terrified!! I don't know why but my first thought was, "I'm in trouble!!!!" My heart was pounding the rest of the lesson and I could hardly even pay attention. Poor Sister Genster. She totally had to take the reins on that one. She could tell that something was up though. [Side note: she is sitting next to me right now having the hardest time emailing her family in german. bahahaha She just throws her hands up and goes "I just want to write in english!!! It doesn't make sense in german!" Too great.] As soon as we got out of the apartment she goes, "What is it?!" haha and so I showed her the message and she gets all excited and thinks it's something good. She so positive and wonderful. We called him back as soon as we got home and he said that he wanted to call me to be a sister training leader. I was so excited at first!! But then got really confused. Wait....what is going to happen to our area then?!?! So after a long phone call and figuring it out here is what is happening. There are two sets of sisters and the assistants in the ward here. I am joining Sister Maddox as sister training leader in the other sister area of the ward and then two new sisters are taking over our area. I am so ridiculously worried about it! I couldn't even sleep last night cause I was so worried about leaving all of the people we have been working with. This week is going to be so crazy. We are going to go on exchanges as needed to help them transition into the area. I just trust that President and Heavenly Father know what they are doing. Thankfully though I am still in the same ward same apartment. But I feel so unprepared to be a sister training leader!! I don't know anything! Okay, that's not true, but still I am really nervous. 

Also....I hit 9 months in two days........WHAT?!?!?! Weird...Weird. Weird. WEIRD!!!! Everyone told me that time was going to go crazy fast, but I never believed them. I cannot believe that I am halfway done already. So crazy. 

Thank you so much for all of the emails, letters, and support. [Sorry I am so behind on writing back...I'll get there though!] I know that I couldn't be out here doing what I am doing without knowing that I have so many people praying for me and cheering me on back home. I love you and miss you all more than you know.

This rainbow was WAY brighter than the pictures make it out to be. And it stretched all the way across the sky!! It was so awesome! The skies here kind of give AZ skies a run for their money. Never thought I would say that!

The wonderful Sister Slujalkovsky! She is so sassy and so great. I love her!

Gardening with Sister Wysocki :)

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