Monday, January 12, 2015

"I feel like your mom is this classy lady living in a house of barbarians." -Sister Pound

Having Cystic Fibrosis has been such a blessing this week!!! Well, it has been in many ways my whole life, but allow me to explain...

We had a little bit of time before dinner and so we decided to stop by a few of our former investigators that we had chosen the day before. Our first one was the nicest lady ever that let us right in. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed her shirt that had a set of lungs on it and it said, "Cure CF". What?!?! I want to do that too!! So I asked her why she was wearing that shirt and she then explained to us how her 16 year old daughter has CF and was actually currently in the hospital. [Which was kind of a blessing for us because if she had been home I would have been shewed out of the house in a matter of seconds] She was so excited [that sounds weird...but she was] when she found out that I have it too. We then spent the next 20 minutes talking with her about CF and the gospel. It was amazing!! Unfortunately of course we can't teach her, but it definitely opened up the door a lot for the next set to serve here. She explained her daughters condition and it just made me so so so grateful for how much Heavenly Father has blessed me in my life. She was is in the hospital all the time and has to do 4 treatments a day...Yes I have CF, but it could be SO MUCH WORSE than it is. She was so happy that we stopped by that day and even took a picture of us to send to her daughter and wants to stay in contact. Such a tender mercy!

The second miracle this week because of my CF was with our investigator Kim. 
[I can't wait for you all to meet Kim someday! She is so fantastic. She has the BEST stories ever. I could literally listen to her talk all day. My favorite is the one about her giving a swirly to a girl when she was in junior high.... :)] We have been trying for so hard for the past few months to get her to read the Book of Mormon and nothing has been working. Within the past month she has quit smoking [Whoa! Thank you Heavenly Father! Haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom yet] and she has been really sick from it. She started doing these breathing treatments every day and was telling us how bored she is while she was doing it. I got all excited and told her how I have to do those same treatments every morning and that I read the Book of Mormon while I do it. She thought that sounded like a good idea and decided to try it out. IT WORKED!!!!!! We went back yesterday and we started sharing the story of Lot's Wife with her when she goes, "That's just like Nephi and his stupid brothers!! Always murmuring and wanting to go back to Jerusalem." YES!! She had read two chapters during her treatment and then was so engrossed with it that she read three more!!!! We were so ecstatic!!! Heavenly Father knew exactly what He was doing when He blessed me with CF. :) 

THE RILOMETOS FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!! They got there after Sacrament Meeting, and Ray wasn't able to come because he is sick, but that's okay because THEY CAME!!! We were in shock when we saw them!!! Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So this past week we had a lesson with Ray, Amy and Jeje about Tithing and fasting. Remember how Ray is the most wonderful person ever and completely embraces and accepts everything we teach? Well same went for this lesson. At the end we committed to live the law of the tithe and the fast after their baptisms and Ray asked, "Can I do it before my baptism? I really need blessings." HOW WONDERFUL IS HE?!?!?! Aww man, I love them so stinkin much. 

Thank you so so so much everyone for all of the birthday wishes!! Your package came on Saturday and now it is like Christmas all over again. I just want to open it noooooow! But I will wait. I can't believe I am turning 22. Crazy. 

Sister Amber Olds

I love Ohio!... No really... I do.

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