Thursday, January 8, 2015

"It's like a soap opera! You even have to take care of a horse!" -Sister Hunter

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!! The members took such amazing care of us! We started out at the Felvers. Oh the wonderful Felvers :) They made us Taco Pizza [which was amazingly delicious] and we were already SO FULL when we left there. They made I think about 6 pizzas and there were 9 of us!! Afterwards we went to the Davis' to skype!!!! Man, that feels like forever ago!!!! I loved getting to see all your squooshy faces so much!!!! [Every day since Christmas I would go, "Hey!!!! It's Christmas!! We get to skype our family today!!!" Ha I'm funny] Then the Martinez', Sandro, and Elder and Sister Joos all came over for dinner. It was such a party!! So funny story; I was talking to Sandro asking how his Christmas had been and where Ramiro was. Our conversations are always pretty interesting with our language barrier. He kept saying something about a "brick house" and I was SO CONFUSED!! Finally he had to use his little google translate on his phone and he was trying to tell me that Ramiro was "breed cows". [That's what he does for his job] Then we kept talking and he asked if I went to school before my mission and what I was studying [We had Brother Martinez helping us translate by this point] and when I told him that I was studying communications he just busted up laughing and said, "YES!! You need that!! Go learn Spanish!!" Hahaha It was hilarious. Sandro is such a crack up. After the Davis' house we went to the Roodes for the rest of the evening and played Trivial Pursuit. Now, you have to understand that Brother Roode knows pretty much everything about anything. He can tell you almost ANYTHING about any historic event...ever. It's impressive. Also, their son was there who is just like a mini Brother Roode. SO needless to say we were pretty intimidated. Sister Hunter and Sister Thomas each stole them to be on their teams and so it was Sister Pound, Sister Roode, and myself. We surprisingly held our own pretty well!! [Thanks "It's Tricky" for helping me to know Run DMC. Also thank you Dad for making me watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' every Christmas :)]

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY PRESENTS!! I love them all so much. You all know me so well :)

Well I think I told you most of the other things while skyping. 

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!  2015....Wow. I can't believe it is already here. I come home this year!! Weird....Let's not think about that. I hope that you can all make a goal to find ways to come to know your Savior better this year. 

I love you all so much. So so much. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all that you do to help and support me out here. This work is wonderful and difficult and challenging and amazing. Thank you for always being there when I need a little boost :)


my Christmas kitty friend :) The Kiefers had us all over for Christmas Eve for a white elephant party and it was such a blast. They really loved my Book of Mormon wrapped in a whole roll of toilet paper :) 

More Christmas kitties!!

taco pizza!!

The wonderful Felver family :) We're not in Cleveland anymore toto!

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