Tuesday, May 12, 2015


YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET TO DIE IN ST MARYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got transfer calls last night and I am staying!!! I am so ecstatic that I will get to finish my mission here. I know that it will be so hard to leave in 6 weeks, but I would  MUCH rather do it then than to have to do it today!!

This past week was so chaotic, although I feel like I told you  most of what happened while SkypingSunday. [That was so much fun!!!!! I miss you all tons. You all look so good. I can't believe I will get to actually see you all in person so soon and squish those cute little faces!!! And it was nice to kind of actually meet you [again] Lex!] Our mother's day was so fun. We had some of the best ribs ever at the Davis' house and then all skyped there. It was so cute. I am pretty sure they were just as excited as us [if not more...] to Skype home. They loved watching each of us walk downstairs with huge smiles on our faces. :) Then that night we had dinner with Kim and John and they had the Joos' and the some of the Hombres come too!!! [Ramiro and Alfredo] It was a BLAST!!! Oh man. We weren't too sure how it was going to go because they didn't really even know them and ya know...don't exactly speak English all that well, but it ended it up turning out so great!! It was hilarious. Kim would tell one of her crazy stories and we would all laugh and then we would slowly translate it for Ramiro and then he would laugh, and then he would translate it into Spanish for Alfredo and he would bust up laughing. Chain reaction!! Kim just goes, "Yeah! I like telling stories like this!!" It was such a fun night. Then towards the end her two little grandsons came over and they are the cutest kids ever!! It made me want little brother so bad!! [Or sons....or nephews.....whaaaaaaat?!]

Last week Ramiro got a calling!!!! He is a primary teacher and he is the cutest primary teacher in the world!!!! He is so proud of it and has his little manual and binder with his class list in it that he was showing us. He is so precious!!! He always says that it is really hard, but really good because he learns a lot. :) Oh I just love him to pieces.

We had a real heartbreak lesson this week that actually ended up teaching me a lot about Christ-like love and Charity. It just astounded me that I felt so much love for this person, that 5 months ago I knew nothing about! As missionaries we love people so quickly and so deeply, then it breaks out hearts when they choose to turn away from the thing that will bring them the most happiness in life. It was just a good reminder to me that there is only so much that we can do as missionaries, then the rest is up to their agency and Heavenly Father.

Well, here goes my last one. These next 6 weeks are going to ROCK! Bring it on.

Sister Amber Olds

COWS!!!!!! I love St. Marys :) 

They literally all ran away when we asked them if they wanted to learn about the gospel..... -_-

We got to have the Zone Leaders' truck for the past day and I have LOVED IT SO MUCH!! I miss driving a truck. It is HUGE! Especially compared to our tiny car. 

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