Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Remember when we helped that friendly Mexican pay his taxes?" -SisterHemenway

Aye yai yai....what a week what a week!!

It was so crazy and all over the place yet awesome. Sorry I blew up your inboxes with a whole album of my week, but let's be honest. We all know that everyone likes pictures way more than reading whatever I drone on about each week. Hopefully that will make up for how short this email will be. I just never know what to write anymore. Symptom of a 17 month sister missionary. Wow....hey! HAPPY 17 MONTHS TO ME TODAY!!!!! A hoedy ho!! Look at that. I remember my first month out one of my old roommates wrote me [who was an RM] and told me how quickly the time will fly by and before I know it I will be hitting my 17 month mark. I just laughed at her and thought "Yeah right fool!!" Well....I humbly stand corrected now..... The time truly does go freakily fast! Last night I was reading in my journal from last Mother's Day and I wrote about how next Mother's Day when I Skype home I will be saying "See ya in a  month!" Never thought it would be here so soon. 

Oh as for the subject line, we had lunch one day with Sandro and we ended up helping him pay his taxes. Neither of us had ever done it before. It was quite the adventure.

We had another amazing lesson with Sam this week! We were planning on teaching about baptism and confirmation and were SO NERVOUS for it!! We had talked about baptism before with him and didn't want to come off pushy at all or that all we wanted was a baptism or something. But it was so great!! We had a really good discussion about it and then towards the end of the lesson he goes, "Ya know it's kind of interesting that this is the lesson tonight because I've been praying about baptism lately." .......-_-..... ARE YOU SERIOUS?? WHO IS THIS KID?!?! I seriously think we might actually be teaching one of the 3 Nephites trying to play a real mean trick on us. Please please please please please pray for him!!! 

Also last week we had a super stellar lesson with Kim and John on baptism and had them praying about a date for her. [He is already a member] She is getting so much closer! Them as well as Sam came to church yesterday too!! 

Sad new though, I have been sick for the past 4 days because a ton of residents at the nursing home we volunteer at were sick. And yesterday I gave it to poor little Sister Hemenway :(

I can't wait to Skype  you all this weekend!!! I can't believe we are on our last Skype call.....

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