Monday, March 23, 2015

"A true friend would let you rub their belly." -Brother Davis Jr.

I'm sure you are sick of hearing this every. single. week.... BUT I LOVE ST. MARYS SO MUCH!!!!!

Sam finally came to church!!! It was the most perfect sacrament meeting ever for him! The subject was personal revelation. Are you kidding me?? There could not have been a more perfect topic for him to hear that day. All of the speakers were spot on! Even the youth speaker! [I mean, nothing against youth speakers...but we know how they can be sometimes...] Before it started we asked him if he had been able to read the talk that we left him last time ["His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox] and he just looks at us and goes, "I watched it three times!! It's so good!!" Yes!! Then the closing song was even his favorite hymn! All of the members were beyond amazing as well. Almost all of them came up to him and introduced themselves and got to know him. The Davis family even invited him over for dinner that night!! They are STELLAR!!! He was planning on coming, but unfortunately wasn't able to because something came up last minute.  He honestly is the MOST PERFECT investigator ever. It is such a privilege and blessing to get to have the opportunity to teach him. We are teaching him again tonight and we are stoked!! I have never prayed or studied harder for any other investigator before on my mission. He is SO CLOSE!!! Ah man, missionary work is just so fun! 

Oh also, Steve is back!!! I'm sure you've been missing his crazy updates. He was MIA for a while but then learned that he was in the hospital...But all is good now and he is back in business and has been "Monsonized"! [Yeah...we don't know either] Last night I was writing in my journal all of his awesome texts to us and it took up 4 pages...He is just one of a kind! 

This week really was super awesome, but I feel like nothing I write about will be as exciting over an email...Honestly all of my stories will be 100x better in 3 months.....WHAT?!?! 3.....3 whole months! I remember the first month of my mission where I legitimately believed that I would NEVER make it to this point of my mission. Funny how no matter what, time keeps going. It is just up to us how we will fill that time. I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!! It honestly is just the greatest most wonderful thing ever. It has taught me more than I ever thought was possible. I remember coming across D&C 58:16  at the beginning of my mission and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I only get to do this once. I better enjoy and savor and cherish every single moment of it. 

I love you all. I miss you tons, but will see you all too soon.

Sister Amber Olds

Lima has got to be the BEST DISTRICT EVER! So it takes us an hour to get to District Meeting and this week we decided to make a song to perform at lunch. [It was Elder Joos' birthday, hence all the crowns and such] Ever seen "Potter Puppet Pals" on youtube? If not, then go look it up, watch it, then continue reading this....Well we redid that but with all of the names of our District. It was pretty great, not gonna lie. We have a video, but it is too long to send. Another gem to see in a few months!

Made this awesome diaper cake with Sister Beougher this week :) 

Olds Olds Thomas and Olds.

How cute is she?!?! Little ninganing Faith :)

So, we have a goose in our front yard, but sadly he does not have a head. But that was easily fixed with a dinosaur head from the dollar store!! His name is Rockwell :)

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