Monday, March 2, 2015

"I just want some Jesus pills!"-Steve (2/9/14)

St. Marys is on FIRE!!!!!!! 

Oh my lanta. Okay so Emmy and Jeje's baptism actually got moved to this upcoming Saturday. We were both kind of relieved because now it has been much easier to plan and way less stressful. We are so excited though!!! All of them were at church yesterday [even Ray!! He came for the first time! His date isMarch 14 now] plus lots of other Marshallese people. Some we knew, some we didn't! 

Also the wonderful Estevan, or Steve, came to church yesterday. You guys...there is literally no way to do him justice. He is crazy. [Certifiably crazy....] But then also so awesome!! So he walks into church yesterday [and came early to see the baptismal "hot tub"] and he tells us, "I've been reading this book." [The Book of Mormon] "And my brother said EXACTLY what God said he was going to say!!" Our thoughts:"Okay...where ya goin with this one Steve....?" We just never really can tell. And he says, "I got to 2 Nephi 29! Just the day before my brother was going on and on about how we have a Bible and we don't need another one. Well, I read that chapter and then you know what I told him? 'God has called you a FOOL!'" Hahaha so great!!! He cracks us up. Apparently he was very open in Priesthood as he told his whole life story. Then we met with him last night to finish teaching the Plan of Salvation and he tells us about this dream he had where God told him he will be a "king of the north" when Christ comes again and then God gave him a crown....a Viking helmet crown.... BUT then his next sentence was, "If I only have 14 years left on this Earth it will be with this Church right here!" YES!! That's what we like to hear!! Retention? Check! As we started our lesson I asked him what he had been learning from his Book of Mormon reading and he goes, 
"Well, Joseph is real." 
Me: " mean Joseph Smith? You know that he's a prophet??" 
Steve: "Yes! Of course he is! How could he not be??" 
Golden. So so golden.
And he is asking us for more pamphlets and Book of Mormons to share with his family. He is already such a great missionary! We invited him to the Mission President Fireside coming up soon and he is so excited to meet President are we... :) 

We got a new investigator this week who is also AWESOME!!! His name is Sam and is 23. He was a member referral from a girl out in Medina [near Akron]. He went to her homecoming talk from her mission a couple months ago and then started reading the Book of Mormon after that. He already knows so much and has such a strong desire to find the truth. Also, he is normal! Not that our other investigators aren't...but he speaks English, isn't crazy, etc. We are stoked! 

Man oh man. Life is good in the land of St. Marys :)

Sister Amber Olds

How gorgeous are Ohio skies?!?!

This...this is St. Marys... :)

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