Monday, March 2, 2015

Downs, up, mumps, and lumps!

Just call me Sister Seuss! Okay there actually were no mumps this week.... Or lumps...well, Sister Thomas fell on the ice last night and might get a lump on her elbow? If that counts. Or I still have my freaky finger. That works!
I had the most HORRIBLE AND TRAUMATIZING experience this last week! [Mom, Steph and Erin...don't read this...] We saw a cat get hit by a car and it was AWFUL!!!!! I will spare you the bloody, gory details...but I would definitely say that is one of the worst days of my life now. I felt sick for the rest of the day.
Here's a much better story for you though. This past week Sister Thomas had to get her permanent retainer fixed and so we went to the Lima Ward's bishop, Alan Cline, to have it done since he is a dentist in Delphos. We were talking to him and he asked where we were from. When he found I was from Gilbert he said, "Oh I have a childhood friend that lives in Gilbert." I highly doubted that I would know him because every single time someone hears I am from Gilbert they ask if I know such and such Mormon, as if Gilbert's Mormon population were the size of Khmelnitsky's Mormon population. Every now and then people luck out though and I get to seem popular. I asked him who his friend was and he goes,
"They are the Marples."
Shut up..."What's his first name??"
"Are you kidding me??? Dean Marple?!?! And Anita Marple??? I love them!!! And Jack, Pete, and Sam??? They were in my ward back home! We had them over for dinner all the time! We're tight!"
Needless to say, I was so stoked. I had totally forgotten that they used to live in Ohio! He said that he had never met their kids though. He told me all about how him and Dean were total jocks in high school and then when Dean started dating Anita they all went and played softball or something. Bishop Cline thought he would be a real hot shot and get a huge hit off of Anita's pitch, but little did he know that she was some all star softball pitcher. She struck him out. :) He still remembers that to this day!! So you'll have to let the Marples know that I met their good friend Alan Cline! And that he says hello. :)
Church was cancelled again yesterday. :( We got SO MUCH SNOW!! It was nuts. Probably the most snow I have ever seen in my life. We were stuck inside all morning.
Remember our absolutely amazing investigator Sam? Yeah, he is still just as amazing. We took Sister Kiefer with us to our lesson this week and she is just as stoked as we are about him!! She was just sitting there with this huge smile on her face and then exclaimed to him, "You're just so awesome!!!!" haha It was great. Thankfully it didn't freak him out either. He is beyond prepared!! We were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and he was almost teaching it to us in parts. He loves how we "have all the answers" and how everything we teach just makes so much sense to him. He has such a strong desire to know the truth for himself. He told us how his biggest fear is that he will get through all of this and still not have received an answer. Don't worry!! You will!! He was talking about how he is constantly thinking about all of this. He said how he will be in class, yelling at a student for playing too loud [he is a band teacher] and still be thinking about this! Then he said how he feels bad for not studying this more even though he thinks about it all the time. He "only" gets in about 2 chapters a day. Are you kidding me?? Two chapters A DAY?? That's amazing!! We told him that he has nothing to feel bad about. But he told us that didn't change how he felt. He decided to make this more of a priority by waking up earlier so that he could pray and study from the Book of Mormon more before he goes to work. He is the PERFECT investigator!!! We are fasting and praying so much that he will receive and recognize his answer. We love teaching him so much! He is the most incredible and perfect investigator I have had my whole mission. It makes all of the hard, discouraging, stressful, and ridiculous times so worth it!
Also, a quick update on Kim; she told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true this week!! We took the wonderful Sister Davis [the one that sent you those pictures yesterday] and shared this powerful Mormon Message with her and John. Boom! Hit the spot. :) Nailed it Elder Holland.
I just want to tell everyone thank you so much for all of the prayers and added support this past week. I truly have felt the difference. So many of you put my name in at the temple and prayed more for me and I am so so so grateful for it. The power of prayer is incredible. I love you so much. I couldn't do all that is expected of me without your help.

Sister Amber Olds


Sister Genster loves my elf pajamas :)

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