Monday, March 2, 2015

"I don't understand the womens!"-Ramiro (2/17/15)


I am so so so so so happy!!!! I thought for sure I was out of here because 1) my appointments in Cleveland and 2) It is Sister Thomas' last transfer before she goes home. But we get to stay together!!!!! We are SO EXCITED!!! Especially because so much is happening in our area now. We have a good flow going and don't want to ruin that. So many miracles lately!!! 

EMMY AND JEJE ARE MORMONS!!!!!!! It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Satan was definitely working overtime on trying to throw a wrench in our plans to not make it happen, [the weather, cars not starting, Jeje's Dad getting called in to work that night, etc.] but it did! Ha! Take that! It was so wonderful. I so badly wish you all could have been there. Emmy became an investigator my first night in the area and I was so grateful that we got to help her all the way to see her get baptized. The next day during their confirmations the spirit was so powerful!! They have such strong testimonies. I love them so much. 

Also that Sunday, Ramiro got the priesthood!!!!! Brother Davis was super nervous to do it in Spanish, but it was great. [As far as I know...] Ramiro was just glowing afterwards!! He has been so happy ever since :) 

We had Zone Conference this week! My first one out of the Cleveland Stake. It was still just as amazing out here in Toledo though. I love the Vellingas so much. 

I have tons and tons of pictures this week [since I thought I was out of here] so I will tell more with those:)

I love you all so much. Sorry to break the bad new to you this way, but I am never coming home. You will all just have to move out to St. Marys with me in June :)

Sister Amber Olds

What we do on P-days in St. Marys... Tour the Firehouse!

After going down the firepole...I was laughing so hard because I was so scared. 

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