Monday, March 2, 2015

"Does this dress make me look fat? No your fat makes you look fat!" -Sister Felver (2/23/15)

Hello hello! from another ridiculously cold day here in St. Marys! Although somehow in the past 14 months my body has adjusted to where my brain thinks it is okay to go out in a light sweater in 6 degree weather. [Sometimes I make dumb decisions....] Thankfully we are inside all of p-day for the most part. 

What even happened this week? Everything is such a mush in my head today. Well, ready for another Marshallese Miracle? We have been meeting with a less active member, Roxshana, pretty consistently for the past 3 months and really haven't seen too much progress unfortunately. However, something in the past few weeks has just clicked with her! She has been reading in the Book of Mormon every single night. Each time we go we are so surprised at how much further she is. We have been asking her about coming to church every week and she always says that she wants to come but she isn't sure if she will make it because of their car and ride situation. This past week someone left their car at her house [or something like that...still hard to keep things straight with the Marshallese] and so she used it to bring her and her two girls to church!! Okay so she didn't even know where the church building is and so she decided to just drive to St. Marys and find it. And she did! What?! Miracle. Now you have to understand that our tiny little branch building isn't in a super easy spot to find or anything. It is tucked back in this little neighborhood out of side and away from everything. I mean granted it's not like she was trying to find it in downtown Cleveland, St. Marys is tiny, but the Spirit totally led her there! Then she said how once she got here she questioned if she should come in or not because it was her first time and she was alone. She is so brave though and just did it!! Ah I love her so much. She said that she was so happy to be back and that they will be there again next week. WHOO!!! 

We had a Mission President Fireside last night in Lima Estevan came as well as Ramiro and Sandro and they brought their roommate Alfredo!! It was so sweet; President Smith [the Stake President] bore his testimony in Spanish just for Ramiro and Sandro!! Also President Vellinga got to meet all of them! We definitely wanted him to meet Estevan. It was...interesting. Things have gotten kind of...interesting with Steve lately. But he is still pumped to get baptized!! 

I have had a few hard things lately, but it has brought me so much closer to my Heavenly Father. Probably closer than I ever have been before in my life. My testimony of prayer has been strengthened so much. He truly does hear and answer our prayers. He can give us comfort and peace that can only come from Him and is more amazing than words could ever describe. It has most definitely been a stretching and growing time for me and I feel like I am still trying to figure out everything that He wants me to learn right now. But He is helping me out a lot.

I love my mission so much.
Sister Amber Olds

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