Monday, December 1, 2014

I am a brother to dragons, and a companion to owls. -Job 30:29

Guess who has two thumbs and gained 75 lbs this week!! THIS GIRL!!! Kidding. But that's how it has felt since Thanksgiving Day. Oh. My. Lanta. We got fed SO WELL on Thanksgiving. We started out at the Felvers and they had a HUGE Thanksgiving feast. There was so much food. And all of it was so ridiculously delicious. Honestly words can't really describe the Felvers or their awesome house [and the barn] so I will send lots of pictures :) [I'll apologize now for blowing up your inbox this week] After the Felvers we headed over to the Roodes to have our 2nd Thanksgiving meal. They made rivlets which were kind of like dumplings, but better. SO GOOD!! All four of us sisters kind of went into a food coma sitting there on their couches and just watching their cats. But the day was not done!! We ended by going over to the Davis' for pie. [As if we weren't full enough already] The members here seriously took SUCH good care of us! I love them all so much! For some reason this has been my easiest transition to a new ward....well, branch :) It really is just like our own little family out here in St. Mary's :) I LOVE IT!!!!

RAMIRO AND SANDRO ARE MORMONS!!!!!!!!!!! Their baptism was so so so so so wonderful!!!! Of course we were stressing about it all week long [#lifeofasister] but it honestly could not have gone any more perfect!! Well, maybe if the water was warm....but the cold didn't deter them at all! It was really neat because it was an english./ spanish baptism! I love how everyone there could feel the spirit even if they didn't know Spanish. The gospel is true and the spirit will always testify of it. They looked SO incredibly happy after they were baptized and even happier after their confirmations on Sunday. After Sacrament Meeting I asked Ramiro how he felt and he just got the biggest smile on his face and goes, "I feel goooooood!" They are so precious.

Can you believe that it is already December? And even better, can you believe that in 3 days I will have been on my mission for ONE YEAR?!?!?! [Even just typing that feels surreal. Not gonna lie, got a little teary eyed.] I remember, and will always remember, December 4, 2013 like it was yesterday. The experiences I have had over the past year are amazing. Being a missionary is truly the greatest calling ever. 

Christmas is just around the corner!! I am so excited to skype you all in a few short weeks!! I'm sure you have all already seen the "He is the Gift" video, but if not then go watch it right now! It is so easy to get caught up in all the tinsel, shopping, and distractions this time of year, but we must remember what we are truly celebrating. Our Heavenly Father sent His son to us to be our Savior. Can you even imagine a better gift than that? I hope that we will all keep Christ at the center of our lives; not only at Christmas time, but all the time. 

Well I have to keep it shorter this week because we have less time today. We are driving down to Cleveland tonight for Mission Conference tomorrow. I am so excited!!!!! All of the OCM Missionaries in the Kirtland Temple. It is going to be such an amazing experience. 

Love you more and more. See you all before you know it ;)

Sister Amber Olds

More of the Felvers kitties eating their Thanksgiving turkey. I love the chicken just chillin out there too. "You can't feed the chicken chicken!!!"

This is Frank, one of the Felvers many cats. He loves loves. ><

This is poppy :) She is one of our investigators cats and she sat on my lap for a majority of the lesson. I loved it.

They have all been hiding in St. Mary's!!!! I love them all so much :)

BOBO THE CAT!!! :D We are best friends, obviously.

The cats kept jumping on the table and for some reason we all thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. [side effects of turkey day comas I suppose...]

They have a cat game on their iPad....


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