Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"We have been called to serve in the place where Christ our Savior has shown His face." -OCM Song (Dec 8)

BEST MISSION CONFERENCE EVER!!!!! It was so amazing. But we will get to that.

So last Monday night we had the long road trip to make to Cleveland, but had to stop in Bowling Green on the way to drop off the other sisters car and take them the rest of the way. We stopped there for dinner and ended up eating on campus at BGSU to get Panda Express. [It's a big deal apparently because it is the only one in the mission] Oh my goodness. You guys.....I'm an awkward weirdo sister missionary!!!!!! I felt SO ridiculously uncomfortable being back on a college campus. I seriously felt sick to my stomach and just wanted to run away and puke the whole time. It kind of really really terrifies me that I will be going back to school next year. Bleh. Anyways, we eventually made it the Mission Home [5 hours later] and got to stay there for the night with our whole zone. It was so fun! We studied from the Book of Mormon with President before we all went to bed and then were all up and out the door by 8 in the morning. 

I honestly wish that I could have just had all of you come with me to Mission Conference. Words will never be able to describe the incredible spirit that we could all feel there. It was especially neat to get to have it in the Kirtland Temple. There were so many powerful talks and musical numbers shared. One of my favorite quotes that was shared was from President Gordon B. Hinckley that said, "Without Christ's death, his birth would just be another birth". We celebrate and rejoice over Christ's birth so much because it was the beginning of our being able to go home to Heavenly Father. My absolute favorite part though was singing our Mission Song at the end. I honestly am just getting chills right now thinking about it. EVERYONE was in tears. Singing about Christ coming to Kirtland in the room where He came to Kirtland. Amazing. It was one of the most powerful moments on my mission. After the Kirtland temple Conference we had a banquet at the Stake Center and saw a couple slideshows of everyone and miracles of our mission. It was so much fun. Then we got to see all the nativities at Kirtland! Each year tons of people donate different nativities from all over the world and they put them on display at the Kirtland Visitor's Center. It was such a wonderful day!!! 

So my doctors appointment was in Cleveland the next day [worked out PERFECTLY] and so we got to stay at my old apartment in North Olmsted!! But the best was that since we didn't really have anything to do President gave me permission to go and visit people there!!! We went to the church and got to see a few people there because it was mutual night and then we went to the see the wonderful Wrides. I love them so much!!!! We got to visit with them and he pulled out his mission journals for me again [they're my favorite:)] and then they fed us dinner! They are the sweetest!!!

I'm still healthy!!! But still have CF. My appointment went well. [Thankfully, I think if it hadn't then President would have transferred me back to Cleveland] So I had to get some blood work done afterwards [Steph, stop reading] and after they did it I reached into my coat pocket to grab a "He is the Gift" card for the guy that drew my blood and I guess I squeezed my arm the wrong way or something because all of a sudden there was all of this blood everywhere!! It was gushing out of my arm and spilled all down the front of me. I awkwardly turned back around and was like "Umm...I need a napkin...." They were just like "what happened?!?!" and then wrapped my arm up a whole bunch. Thankfully the Vellinga's were home and so we stopped by their house to clean myself up and wash my skirt. They had us eat dinner with them and the assistans before we hit the road again. [I love the Vellinga's. They're so wonderful] Then we started the long trek back to St. Marys. I love living in the boonies! 

We set two more baptismal dates this week for January!!! For JeJe and Amy!!! They are 9 and 14 and Marshallese and the cutest ever!! I love them so much. Pray that they will be able to make it to church because that is really the only thing holding them back. 

Here's your Christmas Warm Fuzzies for the day: The Coat. I love it so much. So sweet and so tender. Such a simple and good reminder of how the small and simple things truly can make such a huge difference. I hope that all of you will find ways to serve those that we are so blessed to have in our lives,as well as tokeep sharing the gift :)

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