Monday, December 1, 2014

Dog killer in a winter wonderland (Nov 18)

Where did all of this come from?!?!? So. Much. SNOW!!! Seriously in one day we went from a beautiful fall to the dead of winter! It is 10 degrees outside right now! Thank you magic coat for keeping me warm. Oh yeah! I was on exchanges in Lakewood this past week for most of the downfall and so we walked 4 miles into their area the first night through the snow and then were biking through it the next day. It was quite the adventure! [It actually was super fun :)]

I almost killed a members dog this week.....We were doing service for them and I was cleaning out their fridge and accidentally dropped a container that had some chicken drumsticks in it. The dog was faster than me and beat me to them. I was literally wrestling the dog trying to get them out of his mouth but he swallowed one of them whole!!! I felt so bad!! Then they told me that they had a dog before that died from eating a chicken bone....GREAT!! They tried to get the dog to throw it back up but nothing was working. She finally ended up just googling it to see what would be the best thing to do and thankfully it said that it is only a problem if they chew the bones because they break into shards and can cut their throat or something. I was praying so hard the next couple of days that Maxwell would live! Thankfully they sat next to us Sunday at Church and he is doing just fine :)

I would be lying if I said that my heart wasn't torn out of my chest last night. [Don't worry, not literally. We would have much bigger issues at hand if that were the case...] I am so heart broken to be leaving North Olmsted!! I LOVE this ward and this area SO MUCH!! I have met so many incredible people here that have made such a huge influence and impact in my life. I know without a doubt that I was sent to this area for a purpose and for specific people. Last night as Sister Maddox was praying after our planning session and she was going through all of our people I just broke down crying. I couldn't bear the thought of having to leave them all. Then I got the most distinct impression from Heavenly Father that I had done what He had sent me to this ward and to this area to do, and now He needed me somewhere else. That was most definitely reassuring. I am still nervous about what will happen in North Olmsted and where I will be headed, but wherever it is I know it is where Heavenly Father needs me the most right now. I am excited for this new adventure!! I will most definitely miss serving so close to the Vellingas. I have loved getting to know them so much better.  

Well, it is on to the next adventure for me!! I can't wait to find out where I am going tomorrow!! 

Love love LOVE you!! 

Sister Amber Olds

How cute is our district?!?! I am so sad to be leaving them. 

Welcome to the District

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